What is TeleQom?

The TeleQom Project is a Quebec NPO. Our organisation creates software that is privacy respecting, ethical and secure by design. We are funded by the profit generated from the services we offer and public donations. Our goal is to replace the applications that spy on you with respectful, libre software.

Why TeleQom?

First, we don't spy on you like they all do. In fact, we created the software in such a way that it is impossible to do so. You wouldn't allow strangers in your bedroom, would you? Well in truth, you currently do. We are here to change that.

In Technical Terms

We design our software with what is called client-side encryption. It means that most data you send out of your computer is encrypted before it is sent. That way, we (or anyone else in fact) cannot see what you are doing. For example, when you upload a file in DisQ, it is encrypted with a key only you have before it gets sent. So when it is in transit over the internet or when it is stored in our servers, it cannot be read by anyone but you. The information we have access to is the file size, when it was sent to us and who it belongs to. We cannot see the content, the title, or anything else that we consider strictly confidential.

Libre Software

Software is like a food recipe. It tells a computer what to do, step by step. Most companies hide what they tell your computer to do. These instructions may vary but in general what you look at and how long, who you talk to and what you say, where you went and much more data is recorded without you knowing and sold to companies and governments. All our projects are distributed under a public license which gives the public access to the recipe, also called the source code. By doing so, millions of developers around the world can audit the code and improve it. We will always remain that transparent, especially for code that gets executed on your device. The source Qode of our projects will be publicly available when ready. The following button will take you to it.

Qode Repositories

Our Services

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For small and medium companies, we can create complete web applications, including mobile apps. Our service fee is accessible to anyone! We can also develop a web site for personal use, like a wedding web form or a site for all of your family food recipies!

Development Services
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We offer in-home service for the greater Quebec City region. It could be for your laptop or cellphone, we may be able to help! If your computer usage is compatible, we might be able to boost your performance and security by installing a Linux system. By doing so, you won't need an anti-virus and your browser will automatically block online advertisement!

Repair Services
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If you feel stuck with an issue, we can assist you. After all, we probably ran into the same issue before. It could be a software issue or your internet is just not working, don't hesitate to contact us!

Contact Us
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You are unsure about something and need advice? TeleQom can help you make the right decision. Ethical alternatives already exist and we can help you understand them.

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Our Projets

Our projects are developed to ensure the greatest privacy. Our goal is simply to make your virtual life like your real life and that it remains accessible to everyone. Having a stranger follow you everywhere and note everything you do would be creepy right? Well with the TeleQom Qonsole and its applications, that won't be mandatory anymore.

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In Development

The main dashboard where you can access all of your applications. The Qonsole is in charge of displaying all your apps in the same location, in a uniform and simple way.

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In Development

This is where you store all your data, it's your personal hard drive but hosted on an external server. All accessible only by you, the server can not see your data.

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On Hold

InterQom is the sane alternative to other social networks. Your conversations are entirely private and even we don't have access to your data.

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On Hold

The center of exchange and online commerce. Local businesses and individuals can share the fruit of their labour. We will accept cryptocurrencies as well as regular Canadian money.

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On Hold

Instant messaging, audio and video calls, all end-to-end encrypted from you to your recipients.

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On Hold

The portal to access your emails, from your Qonsole. Emails between users are fully encrypted and we support most providers.

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On Hold

TeleQom is a round table where all Quebecers are invited. Your opinion will finally be heard in the government. The real democracy at your fingertips!

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On Hold

The good old address book. Here you store your contact information, email, phone, Qonvo or InterQom identifier, and more.

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On Hold

We all need a calendar. Here you can manage your personal or professional life, schedule an appointment with another user and even see your future events on InterQom.

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On Hold

The video content delivery platform that connects to multiple content providers. We are looking into standard television channels as well!

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On Hold

Tutorials for everyone! Each page contains the other iQ necessary or recommended to understand the subject at hand. You will be able to widen your scope of the world, all in private naturally!

More on the Qonsole...