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About Us

What is TeleQom?

The TeleQom Project, a Québec non-profit, is an ideal. We are attempting to restore ethics and morals within the applications all of us use on a daily basis. From your favorite social platform, online shopping, email or even messaging, almost all of them contain spying software. Robots read your emails and your messages, some even listen to you talk. In our opinion, this is unacceptable and should be illegal but you accepted these terms before using those applications and devices and that is why the law is powerless at the moment. Since we don't have viable alternatives, we follow these technology giants with bad intentions. It is in response to this severe lack of humanity that TeleQom was born.

Libre Software

TeleQom embraces a philosophy that has been around for quite some time, we use only Libre/Free Software. To make it simple, a program is much like a food recipe. Libre Software grants the public access to it's source code (the recipe, that we call our Qode) to audit and discover security flaws, modify or improve with the only condition of sharing back what was improved. Proprietary software on the other hand, is the complete opposite. They hide how it works, and forbid auditing their source code. It is obviously much harder to discover what it truly does with your information.

The Real Difference

Our projects are designed in such a way that it is impossible for us to spy on you. What you do in your private life does not concern us. Proprietary artifical intelligence programs can already anticipate your behavior, modifiy your habits and the way you think by simply using this data that we all think harmless. Companies like Cambridge Analytica already interfered in the United-States elections, and this is only the beginning. Pegasus gives unlimited access to those willing to pay to the complete virtual life of anyone with the help of flaws in software. It is now urgent to get rid of those chains, and that is where TeleQom comes in.


It's not pretty when you take a closer look at how these big corporations use us. But instead of admitting defeat, we chose to remedy this situation with whatever freedom we still have left. We will start by securing our telecommunications (email, social, messaging, videoconference and telephone). Then, Qommerce will help fund the infrastructure and development of our projects. Finally, a voting application, called PolitiQ that will give the power back to the people. Keep in mind, TeleQom does not sell your data and is a non-profit, so donations are necessary to its survival. We do what we can to offer our projects for free, but it is not easy. All profits generated by the following services are invested in the development of our projects!

Our Services

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A web site, a mobile application, an online shopping application, name it. TeleQom uses Libre Software as much as possible to build your project. This results in an application that respects its users, is safer, more stable and much cheaper.

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In the same way, we love to give your devices a second life. Broken phone display? Laptop not holding charge? Computer doesn't start or is slower than before? We can fix all of that!

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Paid support is also available for most technology related issues you may be facing. At TeleQom, we like to play around with techonology a lot. Could be your wi-fi network, your browser is out-of-date, you can't update apps on your phone, anything IT really. Just reach out to us, we might be able to help you!

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It is now possible to replace most proprietary malware with Libre Software. Your computer's operating system can be replaced by a GNU/Linux such as Linux Mint. A selection of mobile devices are supported by GrapheneOS, and it will be possible to switch to a completely Libre alternative like the Librem 5 or the Pine Phone. Libre Office is a great alternative for all types of documents. For image manipulation, GIMP is also a great choice.


Our Projets

The following projects are or will be available from your Qonsole. Come back later to see if the Status of your favorite project changed!

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The main dashboard where you can access all of your applications. The Qonsole is in charge of displaying all your apps in the same location, in a uniform and simple way.

In Development

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This is where you store all your data, it's your personal hard drive but hosted on an external server. All accessible only by you, the server can not see your data.

In Development

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InterQom is the sane alternative to other social networks. Your conversations are entirely private and even we don't have access to your data.

On Hold

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The center of exchange and online commerce. Local businesses and individuals can share the fruit of their labour. We will accept cryptocurrencies as well as regular Canadian money.

On Hold

Qonvo Logo


Instant messaging is the easiest way we have to communicate with one another. This project includes audio and video calls, all encrypted from you to your recipients.

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Qourrier Logo


The portal to access your emails, from your Qonsole. Emails between users are fully encrypted and we support most providers.

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PolitiQ Logo


TeleQom is a round table where all Quebecers are invited. Your opinion will finally be heard in the government. The real democracy at your fingertips!

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Qontact Logo


The good old address book. Here you store your contact information, email, phone, Qonvo or InterQom identifier, and more.

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Qalendrier Logo


We all need a calendar. Here you can manage your personal or professional life, schedule an appointment with another user and even see your future events on InterQom.

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Qable Logo


The audio and video content delivery platform, which uses Torrent technology to lighten the load on the servers and therefore the resulting costs. The more people watching it, the faster it gets!

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Qi Logo


Tutorials for everyone! Each page contains the other iQ necessary or recommended to understand the subject at hand. You will be able to widen your scope of the world, all in private naturally!

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